We believe in the value of community and health, holistically - that's why we've created The Peak Pro club, our community for Peak Vigour customers. Here you'll not only find the support and recognition you deserve, but support from like-minded brands that believe in the pursuit of a truly holistic aesthetic.

Enjoy their products via the links below and don't forget to follow our socials to keep up with our growing community.


Our Partners

Reon Energise

Caffeine and Vitamin B12 energising powder shots, perfect for gym-goers or to combat tiredness. 


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Upbeat Drinks

Enriched hydration for strength, energy & mental performance. Zero sugar, low calorie and real fruit flavour. 


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Mindful Chef

Feed the body, nourish the soul. Healthy, delicious recipe boxes. Crafted by us. Cooked by you. 


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Free Soul

Real nutrition for women. Ultra high quality protein powder with added micronutrients. We have worked with leading clinical nutritionists to formulate the perfect products to bring strength, energy and balance.


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