“I work and play in the city. ​

My work environment is fast paced and fun but I pursue something further outside of my day job.​

I have an invested interest in the gym, health and fashion; my overall aesthetic. ​I enjoy the challenge of my job but I look forward to pursuing my interests as they are intrinsic to who I am. ​

Form is important to me and I possess the drive to push personal boundaries.​ My current aesthetic is integral to me as a person but I understand that it will evolve and improve as I grow.​

I don’t train when I can. I have a dedicated commitment to working out. I know when I train. But sometimes life is too short to miss a party. ​I lift weights. I box jump. I mix it up. Exploring new gym programs that get the best results for me.​ I take up and practise routines that complement my lifestyle. ​

I want new skills. I understand there are hundreds of ways to develop my body. ​I train to be engaged and that helps me to be focused in general. ​

I could be on the monkey bars or I could be skipping, whatever it is I’m absorbed in that moment. It enhances my motivation in other aspects of my life.​

Performing muscle ups enables me to challenge and impress myself. I think it looks good, but I know it feels good, so that’s why I keep going.​ Consideration is key. When I wake up I’m ready to go because I already know what I’m wearing. My social network enables me to show my holistic commitment to aesthetics.​
I don’t pigeon hole. I understand everyone has their own vibe but I’m in my own lane being me.​

I shop high street but found a few independent clothing accounts on IG. I wait for their new drops like it’s only me that knows about them.

I don’t know exactly why I like them but they just seem to be personal to me. I give them recognition as I feel like they endorse who I am.​ I buy things that enhance the development of my life, not for material boasting. I am a peak pro. ​
I am always engaged in the pursuit of a truly holistic aesthetic... ​

…my peak”