We are Peak Vigour. Our mission is, to help every human find their being, to create a stronger and healthy world.

Born in the UK

We have a healthy obsession for fitness, adventure and style. Training hard so we can take on the world with both physical and mental strength.

Established by a team of creatives in 2019, our founders bring experience from multiple disciplines - graphic, product and fashion design. Bound by a passion for fitness and adventure. Because when you train hard, you play better. 

Activewear to raise your game

We’re all playing in one world. Just harder than before. Peak Vigour is for those who want to play better. Dedicating time to train day or night, to play better at what we love; be it faster, higher or stronger. However hard you train you deserve apparel that matches your every move. 

Peak Vigour clothing is made with consideration. A mantra extending from our first concepts right through to our completed garment manufacture.​ With mastered aesthetics and technical details we pack the perfect balance of performance, fit and style.  Attention at every stage from the initial design through to how they feel when you work out. To the fabrics we use. It’s the shape and form our garments hold whilst you hold yours.

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We train hard.  

Peak Vigour is more than an apparel brand. We’re a collective - a group for people who train hard to play better. Whether you’ve found your Why, or are still on the journey, we’re here for you.

Made with Consideration, Worn with conviction.