The deepest range of movement, lunging forward. The bar never gets lower.

I raise it.

Type in the code. Lights flash. Through the barrier. Water bottle half full. Plates, steppers, skip.  

Already know what's next. Straps in my bag. Phone in my side pocket.

Always dedicate time to develop, day and night.

 The way we train has changed.

We know more. We see more. we care more about the physical form.

Committed to utilising our surroundings, discovering people to help us grow. Developing all the aspects of ourselves and the new places we identify. 

Recognising what makes us…

the pursuit of a truly holistic aesthetic.​

Peak Vigour provides clothes cut for the gym. Garments that help you lead the way because they don’t get in the way.

Made with consideration. Worn with conviction.